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Morocco starts final stage of huge solar power complex
Moroccan King Mohammad VI gave the green light on Saturday to the launching of the final stage of Noor Ouarzazate complex - a colossal solar power farm in the Moroccan desert. The project, one of the world's biggest projects in this field, is expected to meet the country's domestic needs and help export...
32 Moroccan Businesses Among “Companies to Inspire Africa”
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has launched a new “Companies to inspire Africa” initiative, which puts forward the most dynamic companies on the continent. The 2017 edition lists 343 companies from 42 African countries as the continent’s most exciting and dynamic small businesses, including 32 Moroccan companies.
African Regulation for the Coming Digital Future
African telecoms regulation is at a crossroads. A combination of changing business models and a downturn in economies across Africa is impacting on the competitive dynamic in all markets. Incumbent mobile operators are slowing down innovation and the transition to digital. 
With Morocco, ECOWAS Becomes 16 Largest Economy in the World
In the face of the paralysis crippling the Maghreb union, Morocco opted to look south reaching out to its partners in West Africa with whom it has been building partnerships on a sound foundation underpinned by a south-south cooperation approach. The recent request by...
Return to African Union: Morocco to Hold Month-Long African Festival
Morocco will organize "L’Afrique en capitale" (Africa in the Capital), a month long art festival featuring expositions, concerts, productions and literary events beginning March 28. The event will celebrate the country’s return to the African Union. According to Spanish news outlet, El País, The expositions...
Africa Needs Its Own Version of the Vertical Farm to Feed Growing Cities
Vertical farms use high tech lighting and climate controlled buildings to grow crops like leafy greens or herbs indoors while using less water and soil. Because it's a closed growing system, with controlled evaporation from plants, this farms use 95% less water...

US$150 Million to Enhance Social Programs and Support Small Enterprises in Morocco

Intervention de Said Ibrahimi à l'Africa CEO Forum 2017

Africa CEO Forum 2017

April 9-16 2017 Casablanca

Until April 10 2017
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