CNN : Nine finance hubs of the future ... they're not where you think

Future Finance showcases future trends related to the global financial system.

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GFCI 16 International launch 22 Sept 2014, 11:00 AM Casablanca Finance City Authority

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Casablanca Finance City in Morocco to host Africa 50

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CFC advantages

Publication de la nouvelle circulaire n°5/2014 de l’Office des Changes relative aux facilités de change accordées aux entités ayant le Statut Casablanca Finance City

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Seminar on the development of security loans in Casablanca’s financial centre

Ms. FAL’s speech, Resident Representative of the African Development Bank

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International finance

The Bahraini reinsurer, Trust RE, is granted the Casablanca Finance City status

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doing business

Procedures for recruitment of foreign workers and obtaining their permission work

Doing business facilities

How to create business within 48H

Discover all the CFC advantages

The attractiveness and success of a financial center rely heavily on its openness and on its connectivity to the worl

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Casablanca, with its 1,615 km ² area and its 5 million people, is the largest urban center of Morocco. The city, which is Morocco’s economic ...

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